Plume Herbal Air Purifier - Ocean breeze

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Plume Herbal Air Purifier - Ocean breeze

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Plume Herbal Air Purifier

  • - An effective air cleaner that you can bring to anywhere

  • - Lab test proven that it is highly effective in eliminating airborne germs, bacteria, molds, contaminants

  • - SGS Testing:

           99% Removal rate - Candida Albanians ATCC

           90.4% Removal rate - Formaldehyde

           99.98% Removal rate - Staphylococcus Aureus ATCC

           78.5% Removal rate - O-xylene

         Gmicro Testing:

           99.98% Inhibition rate - Escherichia Coli

           99.98% Inhibition rate - Staphylococcus aureus

           98% Removal rate - Formaldehyde

           97.6% Removal rate - Ammonia

           65.6% Removal rate - Benzene

  • - "0" secondary environment pollutions - no ozone pollutions, Eco-friendly
  • - Reduces unwanted odors from smoke, pets, home renovations, diapers, cooking etc.
  • - Compact design - easy to carry and use, perfect for small rooms, travel, work, study, and cars
  • - Holes for wall mounting at the back of the device - so you can easily free up your space by attaching the device to the wall
  • - Aluminum Case - more durable, shockproof, shatterproof
  • - Quiet and safe operation - The machine is designed to turn to sleeping mode for 1 hour every 3 working hours, and then it will restart automatically to repeat the cycle
  • - 5 colors available




    Model: "Plume"

    Product Dim: 12.4x12.4x4.6cm

    Micro Input: 5V 2000mA

    Rated Power: <10W

    Noise: <27dB

    Applicable Range: 2-15m²

    What’s in it: This product is made from pure herbal extract ingredients, including Sandalwood, Lavender, Houttuynia Cordata(fish mind), Agastache, Artemisia Mint, Rose, Agarwood.

    Houttuynia cordata(fish mint) is a representative therapeutic agent in western and oriental medicinal fields - that has long been used in Asia to treat pneumonia and hypertension via detoxification. Evidences has proved multiple pharmaceutical effects of HC, including anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic.


    Where to use: Anywhere. 24/7. Home, Schools, Work, Hotels, Coffee shops, Resteraunts, Public transportation, and closed spaces such as shoe cabinets, wardrobes, trash cans, pets’ beds.


    What it does: Decomposes harmful gases (such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, etc.) caused by interior decoration, and eliminates odors caused by fungi (mold, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, etc.) that are propagated due to lack of air circulation, and also refresh the air by diffusing aroma.

    Rounds of lab tests have proved that it eliminates airborne germs, bacteria, molds, contaminants including 99% Candida Albanians, 98% Formaldehyde, 97.6% Ammonia, 65.6% Benzene, 99.98% Escherichia Coli, 99.98% Staphylococcus Aureus within 2 hours in a closed space.

    The device can be placed on the wall or simply on a flat surface.


    • After connected to a power source, the button signal color turns red when stand-by.
    • Touch the button on the top, the light turns blue when the device is on.
    • For safety reason, the machine will automatically turn to sleeping mode for 1 hour every 3 working hours, and then it will restart automatically to repeat the cycle.
    • Runtime: If you use a portable charger as a power source, the current load will stop working when the machine is sleeping, and it might also cause the portable charger to sleep. Therefore, for longer hour (more than 3hours) use, it is recommended to use a power plug instead.

    How to change the refill herbal filter:

    •  Open the case at the bottom of the device
    •  Slightly pull out the powder case
    •  Take out the used herbal filter and insert a new one, put the case back in
    •  Close the case and connect the device to a power source and touch the button to turn the device on.

    Cleaning and care:

    • Before cleaning the unit, make sure the power is off and the cable is unattached
    •  Clean the unit with a clean, damp, soft cloth.
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