Agooo Palo Santo Wood

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Agooo Palo Santo Wood Sacred Wood of Peru (Purify the mind and calm the soul)

The Peruvian sacred wood produced in Central and South America is regarded by the locals as a sacred tree, with a sweet and natural fragrance. It is used locally to repel mosquitoes and is famous for its powerful purification and healing abilities.


1) Purify personal aura and remove negative energy
2) Repel mosquitoes
3) Remove odor and purify the air
4) I want to change my mood when I am affected by the negative emotions of others or when I feel bad luck
5) Purifying crystal gems


1. First, take out a sacred wood
2. Ignite and burn one end of the holy wood for 30 seconds to 1 minute
3. The fire will automatically go out after the holy wood burns to red
4. Surround the space with white smoke

Holy wood is not incense or fragrance will always burn. The persistence of the fragrance depends on the size of the room.
A holy wood can be lighted 7-10 times.
Net weight: 30g-35g.
Each box has 18-20 sprigs.
Length of each branch: 4cm-6cm.

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